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It?s one of the things you can count on: The moment your doctor?s appointment begins Patrick Ewing Jersey , the doctor or a nurse says ?Shoes off, step on the scale, please.?

As the years go by, your doctor charts your weight fluctuations, discusses potential health risks associated with your weight Carmelo Anthony Jersey , and helps you create a game plan to live a healthier life.

From the time you are a tiny infant in the basket of a pediatric scale, throughout your childhood and teens, your doctor is paying attention to signs of specific risks like obesity, diabetes, malnourishment and anorexia.

Whether your doctor uses an older style mechanical scale with the sliding metal beams New York Knicks Jersey , or one of the newer digital scales that also records your body mass index (BMI), it is important to record your weight regularly. Even the floor scale at your local gym can give you an accurate reading of where you are in terms of health and fitness.

Scales that record weight and BMI are an excellent measure of whether you are fit, or possibly fat thin. Fat thin people are within their correct weight range, but their fat content may be higher than it should be, compared to muscle mass. Weight tracking programs that can read the output on your doctor?s scale can calculate just how much muscle and fat you have E'Twaun Moore Jersey , versus what you should have.

If you are following a strict doctor designed weight loss plan, these numbers are what you should be checking, in addition to your overall weight. It is important that you not lose muscle when dieting, or it will slow your metabolism. If your doctor or local weight loss center uses calculating software to track your progress, you stand a much better chance of maintaining a healthy weight once the fat comes off.

Following a weight loss plan or diabetic diet can be a daunting task. It can be made easier by weighing and measuring food portions. With restaurants changing the mindset of Americans by serving two and three times the amount of food we eat in one serving Julius Randle Jersey , it can be hard for us to judge for ourselves just what a 3 oz. piece of chicken or fish looks like. How much spinach is in a pound? Is half a melon a full serving of fruit, or is it actually two servings? Weight loss centers will often take the time to teach patients about portion control by showing them how to use a food scale in the kitchen. One of the most important lessons is to spend Sunday afternoon weighing in and measuring your meal portions for the week, so that you need only do the cooking when the time comes.

A portion scale is a must for anyone on a weight loss program or diabetic diet. These can range from the petite countertop version scales to the much larger hanging basket style scale found in butcher shops and fruit markets, and all sizes in between. Digital or dial, pounds or kilograms ? there is a right one out there for every purpose.

Many people think of a holiday in Mauritius as a week of lying on a beach in the sun. While there is no doubt this thought is immensely appealing Jordan Crawford Jersey , some people may wish for something a little more exciting on their holiday. Mauritius also has a range of activities that cater to those who have a taste for adventure, with zip lining, sub scooters and a range of other exciting activities.

Ever considered an adventure holiday in an island paradise? Well look no further; Mauritius caters to all thrill seekers. Your holiday in Mauritius could be the experience of a life time, as you engage in exciting watersports and zip through the trees, only to return after a day of excitement to your luxury Mauritius hotel. And for days when you don?t feel like doing anything energetic Anthony Davis Jersey , there is always the pearly white beach and the sparkling Indian Ocean ready and waiting for you.

Under the Sea

Ever fancied riding a scooter under the sea? Well you could have your first experience on a Mauritius holiday. One of the most entertaining activities you can do in Mauritius is to go for a ride on a sub scooter. Mauritius has introduced the world?s first underwater scooter, where holidaymakers can scoot about in the Indian Ocean, three metres below the water?s surface.

You are lowered into the water in a bubble, where you can breathe freely and feel safe in the knowledge that a trained diver is looking out for you. You will also be attached to a buoy bobbing on the surface, so your exact location is constantly clear. Scooting under the sea Jrue Holiday Jersey , you can watch the colourful Indian Ocean fish swim by, and feel like you?re part of the marine life. Sub scooting is definitely a different and exciting activity when on a Mauritius holiday and is a fantastic way to discover the underwater world if you are not a Scuba diver.

Zip Lining Through the Forests

If you?ve ever had a fantasy of being like Tarzan and swinging your way through a forest of trees, zip lining on your Mauritius holiday could be quite an experience. After a few days of relaxing on the beautiful beach and enjoying spa treatments at your Mauritius hotel, you can venture inland to a place called Cerfs Volantis, where a sugar cane plantation awaits you.

Here New Orleans Pelicans Jersey , you can experience the rush of zipping through the trees, as the gurgling river and pretty waterfalls churn beneath you. Fully strapped and harnessed in, this sport is safe and fun, allowing you to discover Mauritius? inland beauty. As you zip through the trees and over the river, keep an eye out for beautiful places to swim. And when you have a rest between your zipping stints Karl-Anthony Towns Jersey , you can swim in the river and beneath the sparkling waterfalls. After a day of excitement such as this one, your Mauritius hotel will be a welcoming thought, where you can sit at the bar as the sun sets over the ocean and relive the exciting stories of your day on holiday in Mauritius.

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