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While there is no official confirmation of Li Na's pending retirement Cheap Adam Lallana Jersey , the Chinese tennis ace received an overwhelming number of good wishes from fans across the Internet - around 13 million.

Since Thursday morning, several Chinese websites cited insiders as saying that Li, 32, will announce her retirement on Friday because of a serious knee injury.

Other reports said that Li's management company Cheap Adam Bogdan Jersey , IMG, will hold a news conference to announce her decision on Sunday and that a farewell ceremony will be held during the China Open, scheduled for Sept 27 to Oct 5 in Beijing.

The articles sparked more than 13 million comments and views as of 6 pm on Thursday, with most of the netizens sending blessings to Li for her future life.

"I know you will call it a day Wholesale Liverpool FC Jerseys , but I don't expect it's too early," a netizen wrote under the psuedonym "Na is always in my heart".

"The days I cheered and cried for you will change to days I miss you and wish you well."

According to a survey on Sina about Li's retirement, 57.8 percent of the respondents chose "wishing her a better future life", while 18.9 percent said they were shocked by the news.

Li has not played since losing this year in the third round of Wimbledon to the Czech Republic's Barbora Zahlavova Strycova. She lost in the first round at the French Open Cheap Liverpool FC Jerseys , a tournament she won in 2011, to Kristina Mladenovic of France.

Rumors of Li's retirement follow persistent reports over the last few months that the two-time Grand Slam champion is about to stand down.

It is reported that Li has had a right-knee injury for years. She has had several surgeries and described in her memoirs the painful procedures she has undergone just to stay on the court.

Despite the good wishes from millions of fans, official sources had yet to address the issue as of Thursday night.

The World Tennis Association told China Daily that its staff has no knowledge of Li's decision. Organizers at the China Open said they have received no information from Li about her withdrawal or retirement.

IMG didn't reply to email inquiries before the news deadline on Thursday.

According to the schedule, Li was set to play in the Wuhan Open in her hometown from Friday and then go to the capital for the China Open.

Guidelines to Making Money from Home with an Online Dating Website

Posted by therapistboston on March 13th Wholesale Liverpool Jerseys , 2014

Making money right from the comfort of your home has got to be one of man’s greatest inventions; well, that is after the computer; of course. See, you do not have to get tied to some busy work schedules. You get to dictate your own working hours and the success of your venture pretty much depends on the amount of energy and dedication you put in. Seriously, could it get any better? Well Cheap Liverpool Jerseys , better is relative; but is could get a tad more entertaining. How? By making money from home with an online dating website; just imagine, you could get to act cupid and bring lonely hearts together in a bid to match make; fun, no?

It does not just come automatically although there are several steps to be followed as well as certain things you should keep in mind as to what to expect right from the inception of your dating site up until it becomes an established website in its own respects. You are in luck because I am going to give you the basic guidelines.

After Establishing a Dating Website, What Next?

1. Market your site

Having the very best dating website that nobody knows about is as good as not even having the site in the first place. You need to make people aware that your site is out there. Employ SEO tactics to promote your site in search engines; use your social media account; spread posters around; do just about anything and everything to make people aware of your dating site’s existence.

Generate a traffic flow to your website

Traffic flow simply means just that… having a constantly high number of people coming to your website. Of course Cheap Trent Alexander-Arnold Jersey , for this to happen, there has got to be something on your website interesting enough to keep people coming back. Find that factor of interest and zero in on it to make it bigger and better; if at all you do intend to make money from home with an online dating website.

How soon can I start Making Money with an online dating site?

Soon as you have a constant traffic flow to your website, the money-making avenues are wide open ready to receive you with open arms. There are various methods you could employ; singly or in combination. Such methods are:

Charge a membership fee. Make it mandatory for interested members to pay a certain fee before enjoying the privilege of having their profile posted up on your website.

Post advertisements. You can use the website as a platform to post advertisements whereby the advertiser pays you to advertise hisher product or service.

Sell affiliate products and services. You want to make money from home with an online dating website? You could write an eBook and sell it on your dating website; or even just an online dating guide of sorts. This should be done with care though; as the product or service should complement the dating site.

I would be lying to say that I have exhausted all there is on making money from home with an online dating website; but I have given you a few guides which will indeed come in handy as you try to find your looking in the world of making money online from the comfort of your home.

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Why is it so? The stress has been part of the human race from the beginnings of the history, why do we pay it so much attention now?

Has it changed? Is it now more more dangerous than before? Or is it because now we have discovered its incidence in our lives?

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